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Reconstruction of Village Brezovac Žumberački Destroyed by Fire in 1937/1938

Faculty of architecture, University of Zagreb
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  • Brezovac Žumberački
  • Donji Kraljevec
  • Kolarec


The reconstruction of the village Brezovac Žumberački destroyed in fire was undertaken by the Royal Administration of Savska banovina in 1937/38. The analysis of the reconstruction is based on the data collected from various sources: newspaper articles, site visits, cadastar plans, geodetic surveys and villagers' accounts. The reconstruction process is viewed in the context of the social circumstances in rural Croatia between the two World Wars and is compared with the well-known examples of the villages destroyed by fire and later reconstructed (Donji Kraljevec and Kolarec). The mountain village Brezovac Žumberački is a unique example of planned reconstruction in Croatia.

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