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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to John W. Macy, Jr.

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STANFORD h4EL)ICAL CENTER PALO ALTO, CAI.JFOlGNIA g+pq I would be grateful to you for information you may have available on: xxxxsx 1 CL% pro:npted to write this to you by huving received R tjrochure describirlff the \.orld-s.r idc distributioil of your ~eckly. .3y parerlts live in 'i'el Aviv, aI:d I have ~mr,y fI,icnds c?r!cl collcnpes in Israel; as vie11 as ti~r'o~lghout. tile i;orld. For sonc tixe I have been sceI;ing SO:‘if i;Ry thn t 61,y rceekly co3 w:n xiglit be more rf2ad~Al.y availat e to ti lC!,i. This has Leer1 appearing noi: for al:':ost three ycnr's,rec;ulc?rl,y, in the irashington l'ost , n:~d in a half-dozen ot:ler :.retropolitzn dailies in t!le Lj.5. iIoi:.ever, I have not t:ecn so eazcr to attrt!ct .2 r.:nss follol;ing as a select one, and for oi!icr rt;!sons as xe1.1, the syzldi- cation of this colu.:n is not bein;; actively pro,!otcd. 1~: fnct, its present distriblrtion beyond the ;~aS'iiIl~tOil ?OSt. has rF.culteii alr!ost entirely from the intkiatives of :,:y friends and 7yself. I would hoyiever like to bring it to your consideration. >:y friends in Israel tell r:t that t;:e coLurm does touch on subjects of great interest to tiler,] and to the informed public in Israel. You nli gilt , for exx?pIe, consult I'rofessor :.;ichnel Fe1d~:!2nrof tfle ;~eiz~.mnn Ipsti- tute, viho could also give you the rm:ies of r;lany ot!,ier Israelis x:10 Could give you useful CO?-!CntS on tl!js point. If you are intcresteJ in carrying the coltlnrr:, please cc\:S:r-~tmicate with ';t, or else directly vith IIr. Ho:iard Sinons, ;;ashington i'o,zt, 151.3 L Stre e t XL1 . , Thank you, r\as:lin;gton, 3.c. 2333.5, + f&--.-~ Lzit@ .J. c & ~Joshua Lederberg I‘, . NOTE: I write a weekly column on "Science and Man" for the Washington Post a&d affiliate:!. newspapers. YOUIT inforisatio> nay be helpful to m ile I.n drafting future colurni::S.

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