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High Efficient Mobile WiMAX with MIMO and Miltihop Relay

Publication Date
  • Wimax
  • Mimo
  • Multihop Relay
  • Spectral Efficiency
  • Radio Resource Sharing
  • Interference
  • Ray Tracing
  • Subchannel Allocation
  • Design


MIMO and relay technology is currently being promoted within the IEEE to enhance performance of broadband wireless standards such as WiMAX. However, due to licensed spectrum, it is necessary to implement highly efficient radio resource management. For optimal system design, it is beneficial to achieve higher system data throughput with fewer radio resources employed. This paper presents a comprehensive study of MIMO mobile WiMAX with multihop relay technology for high efficient multiuser transmission. A directional distributed relaying architecture is introduced in order to leverage link-level and system-level capacity. Practical applications are also demonstrated for an example urban environment.

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