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RDB Database Access from CGI Scripts-15

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-155558264-7/50096-3
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Publisher Summary Most of the web applications have an essential underlying database. On a VMS system it can be Oracle Server, Rdb, Cache, and Mimer. This chapter highlights Rdb database and special tools available to connect Rdb to the web. Rdb offers most of the web connection tools essentially required. It is noted that without any special database connectivity software, it is still possible to communicate databases by having the program to write database update or query scripts, spawn them, and finally parse the results. Rdb web agent is a common gateway interface (CGI) package that stands between the web server and the database and invokes a program written as a stored procedure in the database. It can run under any of the web servers. Perl has a good design to make multiple plug-ins available at the same time. This makes CGI programming easy with Perl. There is a whole architecture for plugging database connectivity to Perl. Database Interface (DBI) is the general Perl-to-data-source interface and individual databases are using the database driver (DBD) modules.

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