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ASEAN 40 years: new developments in the region and prospects for Vietnam

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Ten years after the financial- monetary crisis, "Renaissance" is a new concept expressing development of East Asia, a region in which ASEAN has a role to play as the axis of link. By associating the developments in East Asia with a great concept of the mankind's history – Renaissance – the authors of a research work recently published by the World Bank(1) wanted to highly appreciate potential contributions by East Asia to the world's future. From the ASEAN perspective, such high appreciation forced us to ask ourselves questions: How is the concept of Renaissance equivalent to its historic height associated with ASEAN, appropriate with ASEAN when this grouping reaches the age of 40? For Vietnam, a ten-year old member of ASEAN, facing new opportunities still ahead, what does such appreciation mean? As the development context – at all levels: global, Asian, and East Asian and in the region ASEAN – has been experiencing and certainly will undergo strong changes, such questions raised are necessary. By doing that, it is aimed at seeking for new approaches and development solutions appropriate with both ASEAN and Vietnam as an increasingly important member in ASEAN. This article attempts to make a small contribution to responding to those questions. The article is limited to issues in East Asia and ASEAN, including those seen in the general context. DOI = 10.3125/ssirev.v1i4.1207

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