Affordable Access

Directrices para mejorar la accesibilidad a los recursos electrónicos en los servicios de información públicos

Universitat de Barcelona
Publication Date
  • Bh. Information Needs And Information Requirements Analysis.
  • Bi. User Interfaces
  • Usability.
  • Hq. Web Pages.
  • Bg. Information Dissemination And Diffusion.
  • Law


The concept of electronic accessibility is defined in this article and an analysis is provided of applicable legislation, norms and guidelines, as well as of the basic criteria that both computers and software should incorporate in order to facilitate searching and retrieval in public information services. Also covered are the most widely distributed technical aides on the market, the manner in which they are used by disabled users, and the importance for information services of making use of such aides. The article ends by describing the process that electronic public information services should follow for achieving an adequate level of accessibility for different types of users, regardless of physical, sensorial or technological impediments.

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