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The cathodic formation of photoactive cadmium0 sulfide films from thiosulfate solutions

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Microsoft Word - JasonPEECS.doc Artificial Intelligence in Malware - Cop or Culprit? Pan Juin Yang Jonathan and Chun Che Fung School of Information Technology, Murdoch University, Perth, WA Email: [email protected] | [email protected]} Abstract—Malware is very much a part of today’s digital society as well as the battle against the malicious attacks. Victory over this struggle is essential to ensure the proper functioning and efficient operations of the world’s digital economy. The use of artificial intelligence in this virtual battle is vital. Malware has been noted to have many intelligent features like the ability to deceive their targeted victims and stealth capabilities to prevent detection. Similarly, anti-malware solutions leverage on artificial intelligence techniques to identify new malware threats and to keep the existing pool of malware at bay. This survey paper highlights how artificial intelligence is being used in information security specifically in both malware and anti-malware warfare. I. INTRODUCTION Malware is very much a part of today’s digital society whether we like it or not. Similarly, it is an ongoing battle to defend and combat against them [1]. Malware is any software that contains code with malicious intentions to inject themselves into the computer systems with or without the owner’s consent. Typically they are disguised in the form of spam emails that flood the email accounts. It is not unsurprising that malicious programs may reside in a large number of computers at work places and homes. Such malware is popularly known as viruses and worms that continually introduce inconvenience and disruption to the daily computer operation. The battle to eradicate these malwares has led to many technological development and communities from commercial to research entities. All are working constantly in developing various forms of anti- malware solutions and defence strategies. However there are occasions where

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