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Evaluating Wheat Microsatellite Markers for the Use in Genetic Analysis of Thinopyrum, Dasypyrum, and Pseudoroegneria Species

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A set of 42 SSRs of wheat were evaluated for their cross-amplification on the DNA of Thinopyrum ponticum, Thinopyrum intermedium, Thinopyrum elongatum, Thinopyrum bessarabicum, Pseudoroegneria stipifolia, and Dasypyrum villosum. The number of the wheat SSR markers that amplified DNA fragments with determined size for Th. ponticum was 33 (78.6%); for Th. intermedium, 28 (66.7%); for Th. elongatum, 24 (57.1%); for Th. bessarabicum, 24 (57.1%); for P. stipifolia, 26 (69.1%); and for D. villosum, 29 (69.0%). Twenty-four primer pairs of wheat SSR markers were successfully amplified from all investigated species. The dataset can be used for phylogenetic studies of wild relatives of wheat, for the estimation of their diversity, and for the introgression of agronomically valuable genes into wheat genome.

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