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Perception of representation space for present forms of art

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  • Musicology


Contemporaneus art constructs its own space: interactive, multiple, eidetic, heterogenous, discontinuous and subjective: essence, forms and idea of a heterotopic at the same time atopic space, that arises at the moment of the intelligible apprehension of the work. This work sets out to study the construction codes of that space from the spectator point of view, for whom the history is the sum of histories narrated by the space, the scenery, stage scene, choreography, dances, hairdos, accessories, make-up, clothes, illumination, music, sounds, songs, word, performance, gestures etc., for which sets out the analysis from the perceived, analyzed and interpreted images by the spectator. It will be exemplified from the Dogville film, of Lars Von Traer (2004), using the qualitative research method, where the speaker meaning is introduced: the creator intentionality of those spaces, but is inescapable who arises the “interpretation” from the observer. [Full paper in Spanish]

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