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대학원교육에 있어서의 Shakespeare 史劇

Seoul National University the Journal of Humanites
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For the last two and half decades my experience in the classroom made me feel something incomplete and missing because it was not easy for me to illustrate the difference between history and tragedy, tragedy and comedy. History had some similarities with tragedy, comedy, pastrol, and chronicle plays. However, it is advisable to form a distinctive definition as to each play wishing to pursue. This essay is designed to explore some distinguishable patterns of scholars in order to build one's own. I noticed without having a specific knowledge of its foundation along with survey of English history it is almost impossible for Korean students who show a lack of intelligence in the field. Prior to approaching to Shakespeare history it is required to learn about some bibliographies assuredly used by the author as well as his sources. Author's dramatic adaptations on historical facts can easily be summarized. Finally, I added a brief introductory comment to each play merely to serve an incentive for further study on his planning and structure of each play. There may be no royal road in pursuing Shakespeare's history plays, so I followed E.M. W. Tillyard's pattern.As everyone well knows, there are two tetralogies and two separate plays-King John and King Henry VIII. Ideally speaking, entire ten history plays must be completed during the course of a single semester, if not, one tetralogy at least in one semester. It is almost imperative to finishe up all ten plays during campus period and only then one can build a positive definition of each play studied.

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