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Open Access - the next five years

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OVERVIEW OF Open Access: The NEXT FIVE YEARS Alma Swan Key Perspectives Ltd, Truro, UK Open Access and Research Conference, Brisbane, 24-26 September 2008 Where we are now Focus = research articles Latest estimates show level of OA for research articles is still <20% (c11% in repositories or elsewhere on the Web) Patchy: ‘OA quotient’ for different subject areas varies hugely Key Perspectives Ltd Focus: journal articles Expect even more attempts by (some) publishers at obstruction: Arguments often fallacious Arguments sometimes dishonest The argument always wrong Weapon: copyright Wield it, now, against the interests of academia and the paying public Reason for the panic: OA mandates Key Perspectives Ltd Open Access policies A lot of almost-there, well-meaning policies Come in various flavours Not all taste good NIH Key Perspectives Ltd Open Access policies Policies Mandates Current Proposed Institutional 27 23 2 Departmental 2 4 Multi-institutional 3 Funder 7 27 5 Totals 36 54 10 Key Perspectives Ltd OA policies A growing number of mandates Because they work Because the outcome makes glorious sense for research institutions and funders Management tool Marketing tool Makes the best use of the Web Key Perspectives Ltd Repositories: state of play Around 1200 worldwide Growing at a rate of around 1 per day Institutional, mostly Sometimes ‘centralised’ (subject-based) Key Perspectives Ltd Where they are Key Perspectives Ltd Growth in numbers Key Perspectives Ltd Copyright Is a completely resolvable issue… … yet it is the major barrier to simple acceptance and practice of OA by researchers Oh, how many times we have seen this issue raise its head, and .. Oh, how many times does it obfuscate institutional mandates Key Perspectives Ltd Copyright futures Actually a tendency towards the legal strengthening of copyright in general Research community practices will demonstrate that the way copyright is applied to scholarly articles is out-of-time Author agreements t

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