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The traction brace:A new traction method in the conservative treatment of intervertebral disc lesions

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Abstract 1. 1. The skin traction method is complicated by dermatitis and is time consuming. 2. 2. A new traction brace has been described for conservative treatment of intervertebral disc lesions. The brace is made from aluminum and has a foot plate of wood, felt-lined with foam rubber. It is attached to the lower extremities by means of leather lacings and straps felt-lined with foam rubber. 3. 3. The traction brace is adjustable, simple, and rapid to apply and gives the most comfortable and smooth traction for hospital and home use with five, ten, or fifteen pounds of weight. 4. 4. The traction brace can be used in all conditions where traction on the lower extremities is required, such as low-back disability, pain from muscular spasm, upper femur fractures, and postoperatively in hip prosthesis.

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