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Letter from B. Cvjetanovic, World Health Organization, Communicable Diseases Division to Joshua Lederberg

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WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Palala des N~tionr GENEVA - SWITZERLAND Telrgr. UNISANTE Geneva In reply please refer to : BD Pnire de rappeler la rkf&ence : Tel. : 33 10 00 - 33 M 00 - 33 40 00 CONFIDEUTIAL ORGANISATION MONDIALE DE LA SANTG Phi, da Natlonr CENtVE - SUISSE T&l&r. : UNISANT6 - Genhve 2 April 1965 Dear Dr Lederberg, . . . I am forwarding to you herewith an application for a medical research grant which we have received from Professor P. Jacob of the Department of Microbial Genetics of the Pasteur Institute, Paris. In view of your knowledge and experience in this field of research, I should like to ask for your assistance in reviewing Professor Jacob's application. Your review should cover such points as the scientific interest of the project, the ability of the investigator, the adequacy and soundness of the planning, of the techniques to be employed and of the resources available, the reasonableness of the costs and the extent to which, in your opinion, the project merits WHO's support. I must emphasize that this matter is confidential and request you to return to us with your reply the attached application form. If you are able to assist us in this way, a token payment of $25.00 to cover any expenses incurred will be made to you. I should be grateful to you for your early reply. Yours sincerely, Chief Medical Bacterial Diseases Division of Communicable Diseases Dr J. Lederberg Department of Microbiology Stanford University San Francisco, California USA o.e Enc.

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