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Synthetic investigations in the field of drimane sesquiterpenoids

DOI: 10.1016/s1572-5995(06)80031-1
  • Biology


Abstract In this article, the results of the author's investigations in the field of the synthesis of drimane sesquiterpenoids, a group of terpenic compounds which possess a wide variety of biological activities (antifeedant, antibacterial, antifungal, anticomplemental, cytotoxic, antiallergic, piscicidal, molluscicidal, plant growth regulatory, insecticidal and others) have been reviewed. The original structural- and stereoselective methods for obtaining natural compounds in the optically-active form, and also of important intermediates on the pathway to them, including alcohols, poliols, ketones, lactones and acids, have been elaborated. Most of the compounds obtained are polyfunctional. Much attention has been focussed on the synthesis of drimenol, a drimanic sesquiterpene key compound, whichis widely used as a starting substance in syntheses of many biologically active drimanes. Much effort has been devoted to elaborate the syntheses of drim-8-en-7-one and drim-5,8-diene-7-one, compounds possessing a great synthetic potential. Indeed, using those above a large number of natural compounds, such as isodrimenin, 7-oxoisodrimenin, 7- oxo-5,6-dehydroisodrimenin, trans-tetrahydroactinidiolide and intermediates for the syntheses of polygodial and warburganal, compounds with various and high biological activities, were prepared.

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