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Metabolic profile of patients with diabetes in Barbalha, Brazil

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  • Metabolic Profile
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Cardiovascular Risk
  • Endocrinology
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Introduction: Modern life has imposed to people sedentary habits and excessive food consumption, what results into an increase of the incidence of metabolic diseases, which promote the development of atherosclerosis. Objectives: We aimed to evaluate the metabolic profile of diabetic patients assisted by the endocrinology service from Ceara Federal University, located in Barbalha, Brazil. Methods: This is a transversal and retrospective study, based on the analysis of patient records. 119 records were reviewed and 35 of them were selected, according to their registers about anthropometric and laboratorial measuring. Results and discussion: Among the selected records, 65.71% were female patients. It was observed a positive relationship between age and the level of triglycerides, between LDL-cholesterol and the use of tobacco and between blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin. Conclusion: The superposition of risk factor in this group shows the necessity of an integrated assistance and a follow-up about their metabolic profile, aiming to mitigate or retard serious circulatory pathologies.

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