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Annual report of the ACP-EEC Council of Ministers 1987

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ACP·EEC CONVENTION OF LOME ANNUAL REPORT OF THE ACP·EEC COUNCIL OF MINISTERS (1987) Th1s publ1cat1on IS also available m: ES ISBN 92-824-0560-5 DA ISBN 92-824-0561-3 DE ISBN 92-824-0562-1 GR ISBN 92-824-0563-X FR ISBN 92-824-0565-6 IT ISBN 92-824-0566-4 Nl ISBN 92-824-0567-2 PT ISBN 92-824-0568-8 Cataloguing data can be found at the end of th1s publication Luxembourg: Off1ce for Off1c1al Publications of the European Commumt1es, 1988 ISBN 92-824-0564-8 Catalogue number: BX-53-88-310-EN-C Reproduction IS authonzed, except for commerc1al purposes, prov1ded the source IS acknowledged Prmted in Belgwm CONVENTION ACP- CEE DE LOME ACP-EEC CONVENTION OF LOME LE CONSEIL THE COUNCIL LES SECRETAIRES THE SECRETARIES Brussels, 5 AOUT 1988 0 0 0 0 1 4 H.E. Mr Giovanni BERSANI, H.E. Mr Ghebray BERHANE, Co-Chairmen of the ACP-EEC Joint Assembly, European Parliament, k!lXli.M6.Q!lB.!i Sirs, At its meeting in Mauritius, on 10 and 11 May 1988, the ACP-EEC Council of Ministers examined the question of the Annual Report which it has to publish pursuant to Article 269 paragraph 4 of the Third ACP-EEC Convention and instructed the Chairmen of the Committee of Ambassadors, in conjunction with the Secretaries of the Council of Ministers, to finalize this report and to forward it to the Joint Assembly. As this report has now been finally adopted, we have the honour of communicating the text thereof to the Joint Assembly in order that it may be examined by that body in accordance with Article 276 paragraph 1 of the Third ACP-EEC Convention. The necessary copies of this text will be made available to your services as soon as possible. Yours sincerely, Edwin CARRINGTON I - 1 - CONTENTS OF THE ANNUAL REPORT <1987> I. Introduction II. Protocol on the accession of Spain and Portugal to Lome III III. Overview of the work of the ACP-EEC institutions 1. Council of Ministers 2. Committee of Ambassadors 3. Art

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