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Vladimir Filipović as a Philosophy Teacher

Institute of Philosophy; [email protected]
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We experienced Vladimir Fi1ipović as a kind and respected, always interesting, witty, pleasant, charming, enchanting teacher and talker. It is not easy for us to capture that wide range of characteristics that he cultivated and developed in his exceptional qualities as speaker and teacher. He was especially successful and great in his teaching activity and function, just, as he was unsurpassed in every direct communication. One must keep this in mind when evaluating his life's work. Vladimir Filipović's way of speaking was marked by a de1ightful clarity, simplicity and assurance, candidness and directness, exclusion of all terminological exhibitionism and hermetism. His lectures, presentations and thoughts on philosophical issues were marked by a balanced philosophical eros, an, independent way of thinking, a critical approach and a marked sense of history, with a special sensitivity to evaluative issues, in more than ,the narrow axiological sense. He was open to all philosophical notions, and showed a special attachment to those thinkers, movements and ages that tore down the old, rigid structures and paved the way to the innovative. His special, masterfully inspired style was augmented by an emphatic optimism and brightness (the same optimism and brightness were true to his outlook on life and his beliefs in general) ,and his already famous humor was interwoven by a gentle measure of superior irony aimed against stupidity, rigidity, intolerance and backwardness in all times and forms, in the past and in the most recent present. In a time that was ideologically sensitive during the first post-war years, Vladimir Filipović radiated and inspired with the breadth of his approach, his openness, humanism and his avoidance of every exclusivity. He managed, both theoretically and practically, to introduce the idea that philosophizing means developing the freedom of the thought: learning freedom. Throughout his activity as a teacher he laid the groundwork for the climate of openness and criticalness of thought from which, in the course of the next decades he was able and succeeded in bringing forth a considerable intensity of philosophical creativity.

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