Toxic effects of phenothiazines on the eye

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Toxic effects of phenothiazines on the eye

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I II. t ' I I I TOXIC EFFECTS OF PHENOTHIAZINES ON THE EYE PROEFSCHRIFT TER VERKRIJGING VAN DE GRAAD VAN DOCTOR IN DE GENEESKUNDE AAN DE MEDISCHE FACULTEIT TE ROTTERDAM, OP GEZAG VAN DE DECAAN PROF. D. C. DEN HAAN. HOOGLERAAR IN DE FACULTEIT DER GENEESKUNDE. TEGEN DE BEDENKINGEN VAN DE FACULTEIT DER GENEESKUNDE TE VERDEDIGEN OP 12 FEBRUARI 1970 TE 16.00 UUR. DOOR DIRK JOHANNES BOET geboren in 1920 UITGEVERIJ DR. W. JUNK N.Y. - "S-GRAVENHAGE 1970 Promotor: PROF. DR. H. E. HENKES Co-referenten: PROF. DR. I. L. BONTA PROF. DR. G. A. LADEE Aan mijn vrouw Introduction The phenothiazines Structure Action CONTENTS Side effects and toxic reactions Structural formulas Survey of toxic effe:::ts of drugs on the retina Toxic effects of arsenic Toxic effects of quinine and its derivatives Toxic effects of iodine compounds Retinotoxic effects of phenothiazines N.P. 207 Thioridazine Chlorpromazine Other oculo-toxic effects of phenothiazine derivatives Animal experiments Present study Material Method Observations Skin and eyelids Conjuctiva Cornea Lens Retina Electro-oculogram Results Skin pigmentation Photosensitivity of the skin Cornea Lens Intra-ocular pressure Retina Visual acuity Colour vision Electro-oculogram Page 2 2 4 4 13 13 14 16 17 17 19 22 23 27 29 29 29 32 32 32 33 33 33 34 34 36 36 36 36 36 37 46 47 48 Discussion 49 Skin pigmentations 50 Cornea and lens 51 Intra~ocular pressure 52 Retinopathy 52 Visual acuity 54 Colour defects 54 Electro-oculogram 55 Fluorescein angiography 56 Differential diagnosis 56 Therapy 57 Conclusions 58 Summary 59 Resume 60 Zusammenfassung 61 Samenvatting 61 Bibliography 63 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This thesis is a report on a research project set up by the Netherlands General Association for Prevention of Blindness. The secretary of the Association particularly. my colleague Mrs. J. Schappert-Kim

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