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Letter from Harry Eagle to Joshua Lederberg

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Department of HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE l Public Health Service National Institutes of Health NUIONAL INSTITl”‘!i OF ARTHRlnS AND METAROLIC DlSEASE.5 IuTIoI(~ cmcm wnm tun0N.u lNSnTulE OF DENTAL RESSAKH NATIONAL HEART INSTITUTE Sethesda 14, Maryland November 7, 1956 NATIONAL IN-E OF MENTAL HEALTH NWONAL MlCROGlOLOGlCAL INSTIWTS NATIONAL INSTI,“T!Z OF NEUROLOGICAL LRSSASES AND GLINONESS THE CLINICAL CENTER AIR AYAIL -- OWlSION OF RESEARCH GRANTS Dr. Joshua Lederberg nepartment of Genetics University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin Dear Josh: My warmest congratulations on a beautiful job of work. Like so maqy classics, once the solution is poir.ted out, it seems simple, and most of the pieces fall into place. The trick of course is to point out the solution. It was good of you to ask for our reprints on tissue culture. They were sent under separate cover yesterday, and I wish you could be enticed into this field. I was sorry to have missed you last Saturday. Next time, please let me know you are coming and plan either to stay with us,or at the very least, to spend an evening if time won't permit more. i'Q best to Esther. 1 d ! i otdia.'Lly, :' ,/ .+Grry Ea'le, Chief Experime ii tal Therapeutics National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases HE: bfb

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