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Exhibitions in the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb in 2006 and 2007

Ethnological Reseraches; [email protected]
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Output file 457 Exhibitions in the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb in 2006 and 2007 During the last two years the museum has presented it-self to its visitors with items from its collections and visiting exhibitions which have encompassed national, European and non-Europe- an objects. The knowledge we gathered about the items and the specific themes we have trans- ferred to the observer in different ways, not only with exhibits and their direct and indirect meanings but also by interpreting symbols that represent certain phenome- na. We have presented the exhibits through historical, ethnological, sociological and cultural aspects. We live in a time when the exchange of information and knowledge runs very fast both in urban and in rural culture and it is necessary to interpret cer- tain subjects not only competently and scientifically but also to put them in the con- text of contemporary changes, thus the Museum has presented heritage in interac- tion with the traditional and contemporary phenomena. Last year too, the Museum has continued to exhibit the so-called spiritual tradition, as a part of the cultural heritage whose mobility is observable, and, thus also the pos- sibility of its assimilation. We are trying to continue the still existing living original tradition and in this way preserve it in individual and collective memory. Besides showing the usual thematic of folk customs, the Museum has taken up the subject of music and the instruments not only as a physical and spiritual object but also as a symbol of identity. Forty-seven pedagogical workshops accompanied the exhibitions in 2006, while 62 educational workshops accompanied those in 2007. Jasna Mokos Ethnographic Museum Zagreb [email protected] Review Received: January 17, 2008 Accepted: February 11, 2008. 458 Etnološka istraživanja/Ethnological Researches 2006. WHAT A PAIR OF SHOES – a Walk Through the History of Footwear, February 16th – June 6th 2006. The exhibition presented the development

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