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A Heuristic Approach for Web log mining using Bayesian Networks

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)


In the era of globalization and World Wide Web, the Web Applications are playing vital role in our daily life. When more users are using a web application more stress will be applying on the servers. So the whole system or web server may get slow down hereby the process may also slow down or even it may crash down. This makes the users to keep waiting for longer period for the response from the web server. A heuristic approach is presented to catalyze this slow down process by applying mining concept for the web log of the web server, which in deed consist of all the transactions carried out by the end user. By applying Bayesian Networks concept we stream the mined data so perfectly that in the future we can route the end users request to the web server based on the Bayesian results. This makes the system to run on long go and sustain in too busy scenario also. Keywords: Bayesian Networks, Web Server, Web Log, Data Sets, Data Mining, Graph Model, Node.

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