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Návrh soupravy pomůcek pro výuku fyziky na ZŠ

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  • Klíčová Slova: Fyzikální Experiment
  • Demonstrační Pokus
  • žákovský Pokus
  • Výuka Fyziky
  • Názornost
  • Pracovní Listy
  • Keywords: Physical Experiment
  • Demonstrative Experiment
  • Pupils' Experiment
  • Teaching Of Physics
  • Illustrative
  • Worksheets
  • Musicology
  • Physics


Abstract This dissertation is thematicly focused on oscillation, wave and acoustics. The goal of this work is to certified suitability of experiments in the physics lessons on the elementary school. There are different kinds of experiments, which are suitably put into lessons. These experiments help pupils to understand the subject matter. A part of the work is also draft of kit to demonstrate experiments which are carrying out during the physics lessons. The dissertation contains a set of experiments with this kit. To check out precondition, that putting experiments is suitable activity during the lessons are here suggested and in practice verified worksheets. The analysis of these worksheets is the conclusion of this dissetation.

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