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Česká republika po vstupu do Evropské unie

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Česká Republika
  • Evropská Unie
  • Jednotný Vnitřní Trh
  • Strukturální Fondy
  • Operační Programy
  • Vlašim
  • Euro
  • Eurozóna
  • Maastrichtská Kritéria
  • Czech Republic
  • European Union
  • Internal Market
  • Structural Funds
  • Operational Programs
  • Vlašim
  • Euro
  • Euro Area
  • Maastricht Criteria


Bachelor's thesis describes the advantages and disadvantages of joining the EU. The beginning is devoted to the history of EU accession. The next chapter deals with the single internal market, which is certainly one of the main advantages. Furthermore, an analysis of trends in GDP, foreign trade and inflation after EU accession is done. Another part is devoted to structural funds and their specific use in the Central Bohemian town of Vlašim. The conclusion then is one of the single European currency Euro. By joining the EU the Czech Republic has obliged to adopt the Euro as its currency, but firstly the country has to meet the Maastricht criteria. The work is an evaluation of the performance criteria of the Czech Republic, there are advantages and disadvantages of the future introduction of euro in our country. It is based on the results of polls assessed citizens' attitudes to the future adoption of the euro, the results of public opinion from 2005 are compared with the latest results from January 2011. The conclusion summarizes the results of the thesis.

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