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The Harvest of table olives from the plant by means of an hand harvester

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  • Agr/09 Meccanica Agraria


The production of table olive showed in Sardinia an increase of production in line with the national production (+17.3%) unfortunately the low mechanization level penalizes the sector strongly. Problems which priority have to be faced are bound to the damage induced by the work organs and especially the material which they are coated with from their conformation. The study has the aim of evaluating the mechanical damage produced by a hand harvester modified for the harvest of olives by the plant. The hand harvester is constituted from a narrow and light comb with 11 teeth in titanium with 4 mm diameter and coated by a sheath in silicone of the thickness of 1 mm for the experimentation the silicone covering was removed, some theet coated with vulcanized rubber of the thickness of 3 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm were produced and various rotation speeds were tested (200, 300 and 400 RPM). The number of turns was determined by the mechanical revolution counter (DEUMO 2) making one of the two electrical units of measurement change ( v, to A). The damage produced by modified teeth on olives was ranging from a minimum of 4.2% with speed of 200 RPM. and a protection of 15 mm to a maximum of 21.3% with 400 RPM speed and protection teeth of 15 mm.

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