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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Richard S. Caldecott

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UNITED STATES ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION WASHINGTON 25, DC. March 15, 1961 IN REPLY REFER TO: BMB:RSC Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Head Department of Medical Genetics Stanford University Stanford, California Bear Dr. Lederberg: Enclosed is a copy of a research proposal entitled "Study of the Mechanism of the Lethal and Mutagenic Action of Ionizing Radia- tion in E. coli and Yeast" which was submitted to us by Dr. H. Marcovich, Director of the Institut Pasteur, Paris, Prance. We would very much appreciate your comments on the scientific merits of this proposed research and any other remarks that you feel m ight be pertinent to our consideration of the project. In reviewing this pmposail you should bear in m ind that it is our policy to support research in foreign countries only if it is unique and studies very similar to it are not being conducted in this country. A franked and addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience in returning the proposal to us* Outside review such as this aids a great deal in maintaining high standards for AEC-supported research. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely yours, Richard S. Caldecott Geneticist, Biology Branch Division of Biology and Medicine Enclosures: PI-OpOSELl Envelope

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