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Running DELTA on Apple Macintosh

Western Australian Herbarium
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I was introduced to DELTA by associates working at the Western Australian Herbarium. Wow! I thought what a package and so I attended my first DELTA workshop. It was here I learnt the abhorrent fact that “DELTA does not run on a Mac”. “Oh no!” I cried, “I only know how to run a Mac: PC’s, DOS and command lines, these are all beyond me”. I did work at it and learned to use DELTA on the PC but I longed to be able to run DELTA on the Mac since I had in the interim purchased a laptop computer (Powerbook Duo). In conversation with Alex Chapman I learned that there was software written for the Mac called SoftPC, which allowed the Mac to run DOS-based software. I enquired of this programme and received various reports: “Yes it’s a saviour”, “No it’s a dog”, but undeterred I decided to ask for a demo of the software. I found that you can run DOS programmes on a Mac but you have to run them just as you do on a DOS-based machine that is without Microsoft Windows, unless you are prepared to spend more cash on memory upgrades (see below).

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