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XXI. Ther Idol Kiwasa [Caption accompanying this engraving in the English translation of this text.]

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. North Carolina Collection.
Publication Date
  • Idols
  • Bry
  • Theodor De
  • 1528-1598.
  • White
  • John
  • Fl. 1585-1593.
  • North Carolina -- Description And Travel -- Early Works To 1800
  • Indians Of North America -- North Carolina
  • Roanoke Colony


In the English translation of this text, Thomas Hariot describes this image: "XXI. Ther Idol Kivvasa. THe people of this cuntrie haue an Idol, which they call KIWASA: yt is carued of woode in lengthe 4. foote whose heade is like the heades of the people of Florida, the face is of a flesh colour, the brest white, the rest is all blacke, the thighes are also spotter with whitte. He hath a chavne abowt his necke of white beades, betweene which are other Rownde beades of copper which they esteeme more then golde or siluer. This Idol is placed in the temple of the towne of Secotam, as the keper of the kings dead corpses. Somtyme they haue two of thes idoles in theyr churches, and somtine 3. but neuer aboue, which they place in a darke corner wher they shew tetrible. Thes poore soules haue none other knowledge of god although I thinke them verye Desirous to know the truthe. For when as wee kneeled downe on our knees to make our prayers vnto god, they went abowt to imitate vs, and when they saw we moued our lipps, they also dyd the like. Wherfore that is verye like that they might easelye be brongt to the knowledge of the gospel. God of his mercie grant them this grace." Source: Thomas Hariot, "A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia." Frankfort: Theodore De Bry, 1590.

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