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Logistické řízení distribuce

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Silniční A železniční Doprava
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Dynamic development of economy in 21st century, expansion of mature technologies, realizing of new markets by downfall of political handicaps – all these are reasons to developed global market which we can observe it as consumers everywhere around us. To be competitive in this hard word taxes companies heavily. To get advantage and start ahead of competitors is still harder and harder. It is difficult to come with revolutionary product which would be original and ensure placid prosperity especially in sphere of grocery. It is logical that the companies have to search for different ways which reserve their business growth and independent living in this relatively competitively balanced word. One of these ways is fusion of companies with the same production program or building of new production plants in the areas of the lowest costs and but not least effort of asserting companies on markets in countries where companies have not been supplied till this time. All the above mentioned realities are fully valid also for company General Bottlers, ČR s.r.o. where I have been working for 5 years in logistics department and I have opportunity closely watch problem of transport and distribution of goods. Logistics is inseparable part of each company and we can also comprehend it as integral part of competitive strife. Flexibility, speed and accuracy of deliveries according to customer request are key indicators of company ability to be competitive.

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