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OPINI PEMIRSA TENTANG BERITA LOKAL PADA PROGRAM HABAR BANUA DI TVRI STASIUN KALIMANTAN SELATAN (Studi pada Warga RW 10 Kelurahan Pekapuran Raya Kecamatan Banjarmasin Timur Kota Banjarmasin)

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  • H Social Sciences (General)
  • Communication
  • Design
  • Mathematics


The existence of local television media as a mass communication media in the privilege society has an important role in distributing an information to the public and as a tool to release an aspiration likewise the existence of TVRI Station South Kalimantan around the privilege society in the South Kalimantan. Based on PP No.11 Year 2005 and PP No.13 Year 2005, TVRI Station South Kalimantan was officially stated as Lembaga Penyiaran Publik (LPP) of privilege and based on PP No.13 Year 2005, point 4 stated that one of the TVRI’s conduction as an LPP is serving an information service to the public needs, and this is as the same with the TVRI news editor’s work in creating an information becomes a high quality news program also interesting to be filled the public needs. News program becomes a special identity or a local identity of a television station. A television station that has no any news program would become a television station that has no identity. News program is also becomes a consideration and responsible the producer to the people whom use the public signal (Herford). The local news program Habar Banua produced by TVRI Station South Kalimantan is full of local news that happened in South Kalimantan. News roles as key element of an exact news program should filled the factuality sense, objectivity, actuality, important value and interesting, since the credibility of a television station mostly depends on the quality of the news (Morrisan). The audience’s opinion as an audience are also involved in deciding the future of the television station. Besides it could be measures a news program whether it is success or not in filling the audience’s information needs, it is also influenced to the impression of the news itself which it is expected able to pump up both the rate and the commercials offer. Based on the phenomena above, the researcher was interested to identify how was the audience’s opinion of the local news Habar Banua programmed on TVRI Station South Kalimantan. The research design of this study was descriptive quantitative, and using the survey approach. As the population, the researcher took the population of RW 10 Kelurahan Pekapuran Raya Kecamatan Banjarmasin Timur by using a simple random sampling with 76 respondents. The data collection technique was using an observation, documentation, and questionnaire, then the researcher analyzed them by using the frequency table. From the general result it could be concluded that the audience of RT 10 Kelurahan Pekapuran Raya Kecamatan Banjarmasin Timur mostly gave a positive opinion through the local news Habar Banua program on TVRI station South Kalimantan, which was 56,58%. While the audience that have a neutral opinion was 42,11%, and the rest of them, 1,32% gave a negative opinion. The audience of Kelurahan Pekapuran Raya Kecamatan Banjarmasin Timur that have a positive opinion were viewing on the indicators of the local program Habar Banua, which was through the objectivity, the important value, and impression. However, the audience that gave a neutral opinion of the actuality, it showed that the news editor of Habar Banua should paid more attention to the actuality in producing and serving the news in order to represent a more actual news in the view of the audience.

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