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Retrospektiva razvoja tehnologije koncentriranih i sušenih mliječnih proizvoda

Croatian Dairy Union; [email protected]
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  • Koncentriranje I Sušenje
  • Mliječni Proizvodi
  • Membranske Metode
  • Instantizacija
  • Concentrating And Drying Technology
  • Dairy Product
  • Membrane Methods
  • Instantization
  • Pharmacology


In this study the retrospective of the concentrating and drying technology in dairy industry has been reviewed. Concentrating and drying have first been mentioned in the description of Marco Polo’s wanderings in 13th century. However, development of industrial application of these procedures, based on the inventions of Nicholas Appert, G. Borden and J. Meyenberg, started during 19th century. The real expansion of the concentrated and dried milk industry was in 20th century. The start-up was with roller-drying, while simultaneously, the spray-drying, based on Percy's patent, has also been developed. This remarkable invention enabled the production of many different dry products of high quality, not only dairy, but combined food products, infant formulas and pharmaceuticals. Afterwards, the main improvements in concentrating and drying have followed: the instantization has been introduced in spray drying (1955), membrane methods of concentrating and fractionating have been developed for industrial application (in the 1970’s), and three-stage drying procedure has been introduced in the 1980’s.

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