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Rousseau: ?religi?n pol?tica o instrumentalizaci?n pol?tica de la religi?n?

Universidad del Norte
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  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Modernidad
  • Secularizaci?N
  • Filosof?A Pol?Tica
  • Religi?N Civil.
  • Design
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Religious Science


This article explores the problem of politics and religion in Jean-JacquesRousseau from a philosophical perspective. In order to achieve this goal,this paper firstly shows how Rousseau conceives religion in his majorworks, and it emphasizes in their ambiguous and controversial character. After that, this paper analyzes the concept of civil religion based onthe public role that it was called to play within the political community.Finally, this paper deals with the issue of whether the arguments behindRousseau?s proposal are the design of a civil or political religion; or is it asort of political manipulation of religion, and in consequence, an elementthat evidences a link between Rousseau and other modern authors. Thetext does not purport to resolve the dilemma, but suggest that there arereasons to support either of these two readings of the work of the author.

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