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Some observations on the repertory of tropes at St Emmeram, Regensburg

Budapest ; Hungarian Acad. of Sciences, Inst. for Musicology
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David H I L E Y SOME OBSERVATIONS ON T H E REPERTORY OF TROPES AT ST E M M E R A M , REGENSBURG i The changing repertory in the early manuscripts The three early sources which can confidently be assigned to the monastery of St Emmeram at Regensburg - Bamberg Staatsbibliothek lit. 6, Munich Bayerische Staatsbibliothek elm 14083 and 14322 - have by no means identical trope repertories. The provenance of the manuscripts is hardly contestable. Bamberg 6 was probably written in the closing years of the 10th century. If Bischoff is correct, 1 elm 14083 belongs to the reign of abbot Burkhard, 1031-7, while elm 14322 is slightly more recent. If these manuscripts contain all the tropes that were sung at the time of their compilation, then the St Emmeram repertory must have been revised from time to time, twice within half a century, in fact. The tropes in Bamberg 6 do not extend over the whole year but only as far as Easter. Additional pieces were then entered for Easter itself, for Ascension and the Nativity of the Virgin. There are only Introit tropes. In elm 14083 there has been a fairly systematic attempt to provide for all the main feasts of the church year, and the highest feasts have offertory and communion tropes as well. C lm 14322 recognizes practically as many occasions as clm 14083, but has fewer tropes for them, with only one offertory set and one communion set, in circumstances which make them look like oversights. Table I displays the provision made in each of the three sources. 1 Bemhard Bischoff, "Literarisches und kunstlerisches Leben in St.Emmeram (Regensburg) wahrend des fruhen und hohen Mittelalters", Studien und Mitteilungen zur Geschichte des Benediktiner-Ordens und seiner Zweige 51 (1933), 102-142; revised version in Bischoff, MittelaUerliche Studien 2 (Stuttgart, 1967), 77-115. See esp. Studien und Mitteilungen, 112-113, MittelaUerliche Studien, 87. Summary information is given by Heinrich Husmann, Tropen- und Se

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