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Evaluation of the Skillsbuild Project: report of the Institute of Education evaluation team

Basic Skills Agency


Evaluation of the Skillsbuild Project Evaluation of the Skillsbuild Project Report of the Institute of Education evaluation team February 2001 Executive Summary The aim of the Skillsbuild project was to develop a framework, curriculum, assessment and delivery system for basic skills in line with the developing model for the University for Industry (UfI). This evaluation report seeks to address two main issues:  innovation – what is new about the project, and how effective is it?  mainstreaming – what is the potential for replication? (and in particular within Ufi?) The evaluation team interviewed 45 tutors and 39 learners at 4 sites. 12 of the tutors were re- interviewed after a three to six month period. Skillsbuild was found to have been enthusiastically received amongst a wide range of tutors and learners and there is a strong basis for mainstreaming the product. A number of potential barriers exist but these barriers are also faced by other technological innovations in this area. Innovation Instructional design and Curriculum Model: The tutors initial response to Skillsbuild was overwhelmingly positive, they liked using the materials, thought they would be effective with their learners and declared their intention to use the materials. Almost all tutors and learners (that is to say more than 90% in each category) using Skillsbuild agreed that the materials had good basic skills content. The design of the materials was based on a previously developed instructional model, and the skills taught within the system were closely matched the to Basic Skills Curriculum, however because this was a pilot study the materials did not yet have a complete coverage of the curriculum. Learning and Motivation: Both tutors and learners expressed confidence in the impact of Skillsbuild on learning as part of a course involving a wider use of technology and of traditional materials. In particular learners claimed that S

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