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The historical and ideological perspective of Peter Arkadʹevich Stolypin's reforms /

McGill University
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  • Stolypin
  • Petr ArkadʹEvich
  • 1862-1911
  • Land Reform -- Soviet Union
  • Economics
  • Political Science


The beginning of the twentieth century in Russia, especially the years around 1905, was a period of deep, severe economical and political crisis. It was heightened by the lost war against Japan in 1904-1905 and the violent social disturbances of 1904-1907. It was also a period of great social, political and ideological upheaval. Efforts were made to save and preserve the economical, social and political system, to reform it, to change it profoundly as well as to overthrow it through revolution. Those years can be described as a turning point in Russia's history, an era of struggle about the future direction of Russian society.

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