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Letter from M. L. Morse to Joshua and Esther Lederberg

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ID~PMRTMENT ai= erwrn~sic5. UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO MEDICAL CENTER APO0 EAST NINTH AVENUE DENVER 20. COLORADO January 28,1959 Professor J. Lederberg Department of Genetics Stanford University StanCford, Cal. Dear Joshua and Esther: Enclosed find a copy of the MS that I would like you to send &o the PNAS, subject to your approval. If you will return it with your comments, if any, to me I will send the final form required by the proceedings. You might also advise me of what type of letter is required of me to assure that I am bearing the costs of publication, Since I have not had any contact with the Proceedings before I am completely in the dark with regard to what is needed . I received some reprints of abstracts,'etc., from the Madison department (I belfieve). The reprint of &hers Montreal paper remined me that I would like to have asummary of what has %een done with studies among the various'Gal's, req d to the position effect such as combinations actually studied, missing ones, HFT stocks made and etc., that I will not duplicate very much material. Since the world seems cistron happy these days I beieve that we should get out all the material available. I still think that quantitative enzyme assays are needed, but va may as well go ahead and publish the preliminary information to that. If the plans go through here, I may have a new lab(s) by the fall and the b I iochemist who is joining us is inter T ted in Norking with me on the problem and we shpuld have some good materia eventually. My parts of the cis-trans bus$ness you vfill hear of shortly. I have been rounding out a few points on other aspects, the only one of which you may not know is that XKTXX2i%hW Xx #%36XYXX&#X spontaneous lambda has very low transducing activity. This was found by Gal - number of lysates ( 40-50 syontaeous ave. --x5Ga16 Gal,+- using a large about2X$3B 10 -10 plaques ner ml. I have obtained 331)6X three segregating clones and about 32 stabl

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