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To the readers of The Florida Geographer

The Florida Geographer
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r'-J' fU~.~ '-";-' •• UnivQr~ity NOV 12 \997J To the readers of The Florida Geographer Lj:.;fCHY I am now in the second year of my tenure as editor of .Elmm.n , FL Geographer. The first year's issue was formed from a collection of manuscripts that had accumulated over a three year period, and together made a rather formidable issue, both in size and quality. I believed that through frequent requests to those interested in Florida geography conveyed through our Internet list server, by telephone, and directly at various geography meetings, including that of our society, by June I would have been successful in gather- ing at least an equal number as was published in the 1996 edition. Alas, that was not the case. Although I believe the quality of the articles published in this issue remains high, the number and size of the articles has declined. It was not my intention to be the author of two articles in this issue, but I added that on Dade County to the one on seasonality of tourism to bring the issue to a reasonable size. Both themes are important. I continue to believe that The Florida Geographer is a marvelous outlet for papers with a geographical theme about Florida. Not only is it read by geographers throughout the state, but it reaches all mem- bers of the Florida Geographical Alliance (which contributes to the cost of publication). All of the state's universities and many of the community colleges now receive the journal, and several universi- ties outside of Florida subscribe. Most of the articles that appear in the journal continue to be written by members of the faculty of higher educational institutions. I would like to see more submitted by graduate students. The Florida Geographer is a refereed journal, and an article published in it would enhance a student's vita. I appeal to you faculty members to urge those students who write good term papers on a Florida theme to submit them to this journaL Those teachers who have material on Florida that is not too long, or too specialized,

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