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Pope Celestine III humiliating Emperor Henry VI

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(L) Watched by his entourage, the enthroned pope using his toes kicks with his feet the crown of the kneeling emperor. \Cuts 24 to 34. The series, printed as an Appendix to Volume I, illustrate ""The proud primacie of Popes.""\TRI: Crown v. Tiara\ Pope = generic type\ Heavy Illustration: woodcut above text on page after page\\ ""Image of Antichrist"" = transhistorical voice of pope(s) in monologue extracted largely out of papal decrees, decretals, etc. = the heap on the light scale at the end.\\ Antecedents:\\ Triumphs\\ Nativity Scenes\Antithesis Christi und Antichristi\Frith

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