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Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) on development cooperation with South Africa. COM (95) 174 final, 10 May 1995

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Proposal for a Brussels, 10.05.1995 C()M(95) 174 final 95/0llO (SYN) COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) .... '· .. - '··, · .. · ON DEVELOPMENT COOPERA1ION WITH SOUTH AFRICA (presented by the Cornmission) Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara •. ·~ EXfLANA IQRY MJ:l\fQ~NDUM · . The policy of the Community towards South Africa has seen a dual approach : positive . measures, as the Special Progrcunme for assisting the victims of apartheid was called, and negative measures, in the form of eco110mic ~anctions imposed on the prev~ous regime. The European Union has therefore been supporting the transition of South Africa towards democracy from 1986 to 1994 through Budget Line B7-5070 (Special Programme on Squth . Africa): Over 700 projects have been financed for about 450 million ecus and the. Commupity is now a leading donor in South Africa. Moreover, the election process in ·South Africa ha,s benefited from Community1s finanCial support for different activities. With the succ~ss of the first det.nocratic. elections and·-the subsequent formation of the Government ofNational Unity,weare currently in a period oftransition . . The development cooperation between the Community and Soutl! Africa is evolving from a situation where the objective was the assistance to the victims of apartheid through several projects implemented by NGOs towards a set up where th.e objecti_ve is to support · the policies of the Government .ofN(:ltional Unity through a limited number of programmes, implemented by the Government of National Unity, NGOs and private sector. The role of interlocutor of the Community in the development policy dialogue, which was played in the past by NGos, now belongs to the Government of National Unity . . The European Parliament has been playing a key role in -assuring the cqntiriuatiori of Community support to a pe

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