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Transforming repositories: from repository managers to institutional data managers

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The last decade has seen support for digital preservation transformed. There are now a multitude of organisations, training courses, and software development tools to help guide managers of digital data towards preservation decisions and solutions. But how well do these approaches understand the needs and requirements of users? This presentation was given at ECA 2010, a conference for digital archiving professionals. But not everyone can be a digital archiving specialist. At a time of exploding volumes of digital content, especially on the Web, many non-specialists need help in preserving digital content. The presentation looks at the applicability and practicality of all this support for one class of user, digital repositories, and in particular institutional repositories (IRs) and their managers. We report on a course on digital preservation tools, designed by repository managers as part of the JISC KeepIt project. Positive feedback from the evaluations of this course show that the emergence of the tools used in this course is a great story for digital preservation.

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