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Vývojové vady krevního systému

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Embryonální Vývoj
  • Kardiovaskulární Systém
  • Srdce
  • Cévy
  • Vývojová Onemocnění
  • Embryonal Development
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Heart
  • Vessels
  • Developmental Of Disease
  • Medicine


The Bachelor's work is concerned with the matters of genetic cardiovascular dog´s diseases. The first part of this work is focused on anathomy and embryonal development of animal´s vascular system. The second part analyses particular genetic diseases of cardiovascular system. The development defects of cardiovascular system are very various group of diseases, which is divided into abnormalities of big vessels development and abnormalities of a heart.The cardiac malformations are sorted to cyanotic defects, acyanotic defects, defects without short-circuit, defects with left-right or right-left short-circuit. There is globally a lot of diseases, which rank among those defects, described. This work contains the listing of the most important genetic defects in the veterinary medicine. Aortal and pulmonary stenosis belongs to disease which is characteristic with pressure congestion nascency in left or right ventricle. Ductus arteriosus patens is a cyanotic defect which developed in consequence of unpenting of fetal vessel ductus arteriosus Botalli and by this the left-right or right-left short-circuit occurres. Another disease with profusive occurrence about dogs is Fallot tetralogy, which occurres by combination of several diseases. The anomaly of vascular annulus belongs to next abnormality, which is the most frequently occurred as persistent dexter aortal arcus occurring esophagus constriction. Among the heart development abnormalities belong several very important diseases as the defect of atrium and ventricle septum. The genesis of the right-left and left-right short-circuit is typical for those diseases. The dextrocardia is a defect in heart position, which is accompanied with inversion of heart and abdominal organs to mirror location. Abnormalities of atrioventricular valve cause regurgitation which leads to heart murmur. This work is a review of the most frequently occurring cardiac malformations. Some of those defects are transmitted only to one sex, other defects affect only specific breeds. Certainly the transmissions or occasions of some diseases are still in stadium of investigation.

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