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The design and evaluation of a multimedia computer-assisted instructional program related to understanding the mechanics of open kinetic chain skills

Purdue University
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The purpose of this study was to design and evaluate the effectiveness of a computer assisted instruction (CAI) program in sport biomechanics dealing with concepts and principles related to open kinetic chain skills. Effectiveness was determined by both the percent of correct responses on a post test and the percent of "strongly agree" and "agree" responses on questionnaires presented at the end of each section of the program. Three different groups participated in the evaluation of the program: a student group (N = 20), a biomechanic program expert group (N = 7), and an instructional design expert group (N = 5). The student participants took a pretest and a post test. The program was divided into 9 sections with 3 to 10 questionnaire items at the end of sections 1 through 8. At the conclusion of the program (section 9) were 16 questionnaire items related to an overall evaluation of the program. As a result of the performance of the students on the post test and in relation to the responses of all 3 groups on the questionnaire items, some sections of the program were found to contribute, significantly, to the student's understanding of open kinetic chain skills. For other sections of the program, specific changes in the design were recommended which that could improve the effectiveness of the program. ^

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