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PENGARUH BAURAN PROMOSI TERHADAP LOYALITAS KONSUMEN PRODUK TELKOM FLEXI Studi pada Pelanggan PT. Telkom Kancatel Pasuruan Skripsi Diajukan kepada Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang Sebagai Persyaratan untuk Mendapatkan G

Department of Communication Science
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  • Bauran Promosi
  • Loyalitas Konsumen
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PT. Telkom as exponent company of telecommunications base on out for first CDMA in Indonesia remain to maintain product which they have that is Telkom Flexi. To be able to maintain its Product, PT. Telkom Kancatel Pasuruan look for gap by maintaining its consumer which loyal to product of Telkom this Flexi, from at obtaining new customer by giving service of which can gratify consumer at product of Telkom Flexi through promotion mix. If continuous consumer obtain to get satisfaction hence consumer will progressively like and have preferensi to product represent one identifying from formed its of]loyalitas to product brand. Formula of this problem is there any Influence of Promotion Mix to Loyalitas Consumer Product of Telkom Flexi and if there is, how big its influence. While intention of this research is to know there is do not Influence of Promotion Mix to Loyalitas Consumer Product of Telkom Flexi and to know how big its influence. Promotion Mix represent strategy combination of promotion appliances covering personal of selling, advertisement, sales promotion of public and relations and direct marketing with aim to promote a product / service of company to consumer candidate and also consumer which in general used to persuading consumer of company / product to be can accept, buying and loyal at product which on the market company utilize to create the target of either through and also financial of non-finansial. Hypothesis which the told is Ha: There is influence between Promotion Mix to Loyalitas Consumer Product of Telkom Flexi. Ho: There no influence between Mix Promotion to Loyalitas Consumer Product of Telkom Flexi. This type research is korelasional asosiatif because researcher wish to try how far two variable owning relation where variable of independent influence variable dependent. By using quantitative approach with calculation of statistic. While method in this research is research of survey. Technique data collecting by using documentation and kuesioner. Its population is customer of PT. Telkom Kancatel Pasuruan which enlist in Mei-Oktober 2008 with monthly mean 2476 customer. Because big enough Sampel hence stipulating of size measure of sampel use Formula of Taro Yamane is till got sampel 100 responder people. In determining accurate obyek use technique Non Probability Sampling by Quota sampling. Result from analysis Test F obtained by Fhitung equal to 37,415 with probability equal to 0,000. While Ftabel level of signifikansi 5% showing value equal to 3,938. Along of or 37,415 3,938, hence alternative hypothesis ( Ha) accepting and ( Ho) refused. So that known there is influence between Promotion Mix to Loyalitas Consumer Product of Telkom Flexi. Equation Of Linear Regresi Modestly Y = 30,863 + 0,517X can know that coefficient of regresi 0,712 interpreted that, if Promotion Mix mount, hence Loyalitas Consumer Product of Telkom Flexi will mount also. Level of influence known from value of determinasi ( r) = 0,526 x 100% equal to 27,6%, while other factor which influence Loyalitas Consumer Product of Telkom Flexi equal to 72,4%. From result of this research is expected by PT. Telkom Kancatel Pasuruan more is drawing near of product Telkom Flexi to society. So that society will be more know better yielded product and also company so that will grow customer marrow loyalitas to product of Telkom FlexiKeyword : Bauran Promosi; Loyalitas KonsumenLink terkait :

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