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Aesthetic aura of meaning

چاپ و انتشارات دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد
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Denying lexical dogmatism and announcing free presence of lexical items in poetry deluded the minds that the mere presence of any lexical item in a poem rends it aesthetic value! Consequently, an enormous number of words, regardless of their poetical value, rushed into the world of poetry. Of course, no one can deny the fact that any lexical item can freely enter the poetical context of any literary work; however, it must be clarified from the very beginning that this presence would never guarantee the worth and cost of any such word. This aesthetic value could just be extracted from both words and the context surrounding any given word. This, in itself, means that the richness of any given word appeals to the linguistic environment in which it has been used. This environment is both linear and spatial; accordingly, we need a comprehensive model which is adaptable to paradigmatic and syntagmatic axes. This model, therefore, is based on Jacobsen linguistic model, through which we have come to a better understanding of this question, that is, where in the word does the aesthetic value lie? Key words: Lexical dogmatism, paradigmatic axis, syntagmatic axis, lexical items, context, aesthetic aura of meaning

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