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Editorial: doctor's resilience: a cause for concern

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Holistic Health issue 2 University of Westminster Eprints Editorial: doctor's resilience: a cause for concern David Peters School of Integrated Health This is an electronic version of an article published in Journal of Holistic Healthcare, 3 (1). pp. 2, February 2006. Journal of Holistic Healthcare is available online at: The Eprints service at the University of Westminster aims to make the research output of the University available to a wider audience. Copyright and Moral Rights remain with the authors and/or copyright owners. Users are permitted to download and/or print one copy for non-commercial private study or research. Further distribution and any use of material from within this archive for profit-making enterprises or for commercial gain is strictly forbidden. Whilst further distribution of specific materials from within this archive is forbidden, you may freely distribute the URL of the University of Westminster Eprints ( In case of abuse or copyright appearing without permission e-mail [email protected] wattsn top stamp wattsn Middle wattsn Bottom © Journal of holistic healthcare � Volume 3 Issue 1 February 20062 Doctors’ resilience: a cause for concern Unhappy doctors tend to perform poorly and they make their workplace unhappy too1, whereas happier doctors are better at their job.2 And when their working lives improve, not only do they and their patients benefit, those they work alongside do as well. The NHS recruitment and retention crisis makes doctors’ happiness a burning issue. An outsider might think it odd that many doctors are unhappy; the medical life ticks so many job satisfaction boxes. But the reality of doctors’ lives is less straightforward, and many are far from happy. Reports tell of declining medical morale worldwide; that doctors feel over-worked, under-sup

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