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pr16_edo 1992 CRUISE REPORT FOR WOCE PR16: A REPEAT HYDROGRAPHIC SECTION ALONG 110W A. CRUISE NARRATIVE A.1 HIGHLIGHTS Expedition Designation (EXPOCODE): 31DSEP692/2 Co-Chief Scientist: Rik Wanninkhof NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Lab 4301 Rickenbacker Causeway R/E/AO/OCD Miami, FL 33149-1026 Telephone: (305)361-4379 Telefax: (305)361-4582 Internet: [email protected] Co-Chief Scientist: Linda J. Mangum NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory 7600 Sand Point Way NE Bin C15700 R/E/PM Seattle, WA 98115-0070 Telephone: (206)526-6740 Telefax: (206)526-6744 Internet: [email protected] Ship: NOAA Discoverer, R-102 Ports of Call: Manzanillo, Mexico - Salinas, Ecuador Cruise Dates: October 12 to November 18, 1992 A.2 CRUISE SUMMARY Cruise Tracks Figure 1 shows the cruise track and CTD/rosette station locations for 31DSEP692/2. Number of Stations Thirty-one CTD/rosette profiles were collected on leg 2 of the fall EPOCS/TOGA/CO2/JGOFS cruise (31DSEP692/2) using a Neil Brown Mark IIIb CTD and General Oceanics 24 bottle rosette equipped with 24 10-liter Niskin water sample bottles. Twenty-eight of the 31 profiles were collected along 110W from 10S to 10N. Rosette Sampling During 31DSEP692/2, all 24 Niskin bottles were sampled for salinity each cast, with a duplicate salinity sample taken from the deepest bottle to monitor the drift of the Autosal instrument. Other samples taken from the Niskin bottles included dissolved oxygen, seawater CO2 partial pressure (pCO2), total CO2 (TCO2), total alkalinity (TALK), diss

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