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Letter from B. A. D. Stocker to Joshua Lederberg

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The Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine. Chairman of the Governing Body : SIR HENRY H. DALE, o.M., G.B.E.. M.D., F.R.c.P.. F.K.S. CHELSEA BRIDGE ROAD, Hon. Treasurer : THE RT. HON. VISCOUNT WAVERLEY, P.c., G.c.R.. LONDON, S.W.I. G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., Director : PROFESSOR A. A. MILES. c.H.E., M.D.. F.R.C.P. Telegrams : ” Bacteriology. Knights. London.” Trlrphone : SL0ax~ 2191. 4th.May 1955. Professor J.IsQerberg, Department of Genetics, University of Wisconsin, Yadison. Dear Josh, Many thanks for your letters of 11 and 20 April, for the "Genetics" abstracts, and for the draft. As to the latter, I have not yet given it adequate study, so I won't oomment to any extent. As to publication, I am inclined to agree that our different ways of writing things up, together with such discrepancies as remain and the laboriousness of having %o correspond rather than talk make a joint paper hardly precticable. I agree twin paper3 as you suggest. From my point of view J.G.M. would be preferable, and as far as close contact with the editor> goes I am O.K. here. I saw Standfast yesterday, he says that average delay is now about usual, i.e. something like 6 months from submission to appearance, and I think this is no worse than elss- where. As to joint paper and abstract'for Genetics Sot., I am agreeable; it is hell to say anything on this subject in 250 ' words, and I would prefer to let gtou do this. As I don't disa ree with anything you say, (but mere1 --T+-- y assert 3omething further feel confident anything you might say will be O.K. by me, whereas the reverse case might not hold. dL I enclose the abstract (circulate and will ultimately appear in Heredity) of my paper to Geneticai Sot. here. This had to be 200 words only, which forced me to be less non-commital than I wanted to be. I hope the invsraed camnlas round "gene' etc. soften the effeot a little. As to terminology, I shall n(#y revise and shorten my draft, and

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