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La Trascrizione delle domande giudiziali

Università degli studi di Sassari
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  • Ius/01 Diritto Privato
  • Law


The object of research is the legal institution of the transcription of the claim. The typical legal effect of transcription is to resolve the conflict among multiple legal entities that have purchased the same private right. But the transcription can also other legal effects. The transcription of the claims resolves the conflict between the claimant and a third part. The transcription of the claim has the effect of reserve effectiveness of the judgment. If the claimant has transcribed the claim may oppose the effectiveness of the judgment even to third part who bought rights incompatible. The third part prevail on claimant only if he transcribed his right before the transcription of the claim. This effect lasts twenty years of transcription, but transcription can be renewed.

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