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As FARC : dimensão organizacional e politica

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  • Guerrilhas - America Latina
  • Guerrilhas - Colombia
  • Partidos Politicos - America Latina
  • Political Science


The principal concem of this disertation is to explore the reasons of the grouwth of the Revolutionary Army of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia - FARC) using organizational and political dimensions. The first dimension is supported on the analysis of the Sociology of the polítical organízations. This frame allowed me to study dynamics and organizational issues: the origin, the fundational principie, the organizative structure, the social composition, the recruitement, the formation, the incentives, the financial sources and the leadership. The political analysis considered themes like the concepts of civil society and civil population, the marxist-leninist ideology and the bolivarianism, the concept and the democratic practice, the relationship with the political parties and the social movements, the urban problem, the belligerency status and the political and military dimensions. The most relevant conclusion is that the FARC, as an organization, shows a clear process of institutional conscilidation that would explain their actual growth. Sut at the same time, as a political project has relevant difficulties that impose limits to their development

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