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Low temperature magnetic behavior of Ce7Ni3

Physica B Condensed Matter
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DOI: 10.1016/0921-4526(94)91907-0
  • Physics


Abstract Low-temperature specific heat ( C p ) (70 mK < T < 30 K) and AC magnetic susceptibility ( χ) (70 mK < T < 3 K) measurements on Ce 7Ni 3 (under applied magnetic fields up to B = 6 T) are presented. The maxima in C p (at 1.55K) and in χ (at 1.85 K) are related to an antiferromagnetic (AF) type transition. The experimental results are interpreted in terms of three Ce sublattices (1Ce I, 3Ce II and 3Ce III atoms per formula unit) of the Th 7Ni 3-type structure. These sublattices correspond to the three different Ce local environments. According to the entropy gain the AF order is related to the Ce I sublattice and the Ce II atoms behave as heavy fermions, with γ LT ≈ 2.7 J/Ce II-at K 2 and a characteristic temperature of T K ≈ 4 K. The Ce III atoms are responsible for an intermediate valence behavior with γ Hf ≈ 0.3J/Ce III-at K 2 and a characteristic temperature of T 0 ≈ 70 K, which is confirmed by the ln T dependence of the electrical resistivity.

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