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Methodological principles of the use of technology of benchmarking are in strategic analysis and prognostication of development of regions

Збірник наукових праць Дніпропетровського національного університету ім. ак. В. Лазаряна "Проблеми економіки транспорту"
Publication Date
  • метод
  • процес
  • характеристика
  • структура
  • технологія
  • сфери застосування
  • результативність
  • метод
  • процесс
  • характеристика
  • структура
  • технология
  • сферы применения
  • результативность
  • Method
  • Process
  • Description
  • Structure
  • Technology
  • Application Domains
  • Effectiveness
  • Economics


The features of application are considered in practice of management of development of the difficult socio-economic systems of method of benchmarking as a modern high-efficiency method of analysis of the state, level of development and prognostication of possible results of action of economic subjects, in the future at the terms of the use of the best practices of menage. It is analysed teoretiko-methodological subsoil of process of benchmarking. Maintenance of conception of benchmarkingu is exposed. The structural the model of constructing and realization of process of benchmarkingu is presented.

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